Julie Olsen
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Julie is a Seattle native who lived a nomadic lifestyle in her early years. Through her many adventures, while travelling the United States and the world, Julie has exposed herself to different outlooks, opinions, fashions, and cultures. She has graciously given back to the community by providing complimentary cuts to Seattle’s tent city residents and Capitol Hill homeless. Ultimately, she established herself where her roots run deep, had her son, and devoted herself to the craft of barbering. She considers her specialty to be the “business cut”.
Julie’s loyal and supportive clientele have supported her every step of the way and she considers them family. As you know, seeing the same barber for 15+ years creates a relationship that transcends client/artist!
Julie values all she’s learned from advanced training classes, but feels that what she’s learned from her fellow barbers is equally important. Everyone in the barber community has their own unique set of skills.
“We teach each other, inspire each other, and motivate each other to excel in our art. I am proud to be a part of a profession that is one of the oldest in the world and has a  history  like no other!”
-Julie Olsen

Enjoy a complimentary hot lather & towel neck shave and a cold beer!

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